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We Dominican women religious, called to be signs of joy and hope, commit ourselves to incarnating the Gospel, deepening our life of prayer, searching for truth, discerning the needs of the Church, and ministering to the people of God.


We offer the world our commitment to preaching the gospel, passing on the charism, and proclaiming the dignity and interconnectedness of life.


In 1853, four Sisters from Holy Cross monastery in Regensburg, Germany set sail for the United States to teach immigrant German children.

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Religious Formation is a time to measure your dreams and desire to serve God; to see yourself as part of the Dominican Life in prayer, community, study and mission.



The Sisters of St. Dominic cast a wide net seeking creative solutions to the complex and often controversial issues of our times.

We Dominican women religious, called to be signs of joy and hope, commit ourselves to incarnating the Gospel, deepening our life of prayer, searching for truth, discerning the needs of the Church and ministering to the people of God.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT LAST YEAR -- 2016 -- Pope Francis raised the status of the memorial day for St. Mary Magdalene to a FEAST DAY on July 22??? Saint Mary Magdalene is the first woman other than the Blessed Virgin whose liturgical celebration has been raised to the rank of a feast!!!
As one of the patronesses of our order -- THE ORDER OF PREACHERS -- we again celebrate this news. Mary Magdalen, is an amazing role model: a healed woman who gratefully became one of Jesus' must beloved friends and followers.
She is so much like us! She had previously been judged and "exploited and despised by those who believed they were righteous," BUT to Christ she was loved and forgiven, the Pope said.
As a friend, she approached Jesus' tomb with tears. Was this a weakness? No! Tears are often "the lenses we need to see Jesus," the pope has said about this saint.
St. Thomas Aquinas, a doctor of the Church and part of the Dominican Order, called St. Mary Magdalene the "Apostle to the Apostles" because she was the first disciple to see Jesus after his death and she was the first one commissioned to spread the GOOD NEWS that Jesus had risen. What an honor.
In a time where there was prejudice against women and history ignored them -- she refuses to be forgotten -- and although we only know snippets of her life, she is a powerful woman who prays for us -- even now. HAPPY FEAST DAY St. Mary Magdalene! PRAY FOR US!
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“Give me a sense of humor, Lord. Give me the power to see a joke. To get some happiness out of life, and pass it on to other folks.” –Sister Shamus Eileen Dwyer, OP is truly one of our #signsofjoyandhope. ... See MoreSee Less

Sister Shamus had the residents rolling with her comedic presentation based on her book The Spirit 'Neath the Habit, the room was filled with laughter.

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When you work in the fields of the Lord, what's better than extra hands to help? Today -- July 19 -- more than 45 students from the Middle School Camp Service at OLPH helped pull weeds in the fields of Homecoming Farms, attended Mass and visited with the Sisters. This week-long camp at OLPH helps to teach these students about living out the Corporal Works and Spiritual Works of Mercy. They chose to visit here because of the long history of Dominican Sisters teaching at the parish school which is now closed, said Ann Marie Wagner, the leader of the program. ... See MoreSee Less

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NEWS FROM Bethany House -- which houses homeless women and children on Long Island (It was started by the Dominican Sisters of Amityville in 1978.) Several years ago, one of our volunteers got an idea to offer gently used costume jewelry to Bethany’s children to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. She gathered jewelry from her friends, her friends’ friends and her mother’s friends. One Mom received one piece of jewelry from their child.

Then a high-end boutique, Lucky Finds Boutique, in Rockville Centre, held several drives collecting new and used costume jewelry.

So many items were received, that the Moms now receive 4 pieces of jewelry (Necklace, Bracelet, Pin and Earrings). Jewelry is now distributed at Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day celebrations here at BHNY.
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