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Dominican Village

Located on the 13-acre site before you, Dominican Village was founded in 1992 under the direction of Sister Helen Butler to address the growing need for housing for retirees. This non-profit rental community and assisted living residence has a mission to support the dignity and sacredness of each person while fostering a sense of family.  Residents have the opportunity to retain their independence while interacting as a community. The Village’s mission is captured in its motto, “When you’re here, you’re home.”  Dominican Village was built on the site of what once was Queen of the Rosary Academy (QRA) as well as on the site of the sisters’ original apple orchard and part of Our Lady of Prouilhe Retreat Center.  Dominican Village is one of the sponsored ministries of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville.

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Sister Helen Butler, OP brought the idea of Dominican Village to light and was the founding director. It opened in 1992. Originally, it was an independent living facility.  As the years passed and residents aged, an assisted living component was added. Dominican Village operates from a social model.

Noting that the only constant in life is change,when Queen of the Rosary Academy (QRA), a Catholic school for girls, closed in 1986, it was replaced by this residence for the elderly that combines independent living with communal activities. Sister Helen Butler explained that this residence is “congregate housing” that will serve another growing segment of society, the elderly. Sister Helen explains, “We respond to the needs that emerge with each age. It’s based on respecting the dignity of persons.”

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