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Rosary Hall

Rosary Hall was dedicated in 1879 on the 25th anniversary of Mother Seraphina Staimer’s profession as a sister. This was fitting since Mother Seraphina – our second prioress – visualized, planned, and oversaw the construction of this building. After three years of construction, Rosary Hall originally served as the sisters’ novitiate, where women preparing to enter the Order were educated and housed. On this site, there were also classrooms and facilities to care for neighborhood children, orphans as well as other boarders. At the center of this building is an open-air courtyard known as the Cloister Garden. It is framed by exquisite windowed hallways. The historic Rosary Chapel is also located inside these walls. Rosary Hall currently serves as a residence for our retired sisters. Rosary Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Our founding sisters were originally part of the Congregation of the Holy Cross in Regensburg, Germany. Noting our heritage, the architecture and design of the Rosary Hall building is inspired by the Holy Cross Convent in Regensburg. There are many beautiful features including the square cloister garden at the center of the building which is an outdoor space with a fountain, foliage and even a few box turtles. The garden is edged by a quadrangle hallway with a 700-foot perimeter. “New York State Historic Site” and “National Register of Historic Places” status was granted in 2007.

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