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St. Albert Building

Built in 1962, the St. Albert building initially served as a college and novitiate for women seeking to join our congregation. Today, its two long arms reach out to welcome all who enter this place, now the heart of our Motherhouse complex. Like a busy beehive, the St. Albert building is an active place where sisters and employees buzz about their work in our congregational offices and service departments. The building also houses some ministries, such as The OPening Word, Homecoming Farm, and the Preaching Arts. Through the front doors – and nestled in the center of the building – is St. Albert Chapel, the spiritual home of our congregation. It is here that sisters gather for all Liturgical events. The building is named for a great Dominican saint – St. Albert, the patron of scientists and philosophers (1200 to 1280).

REFLECTION: "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." - Psalm 118:22

Masses, Jubilee celebrations, vespers, morning prayer and funerals for our beloved sisters are held in St. Albert Chapel. The chapel is adorned with beautiful art such as a giant stained-glass cross that bathes the worship space in blue light. William Boegel, a popular architect in the New York area who drafted plans for more than one hundred churches, schools, and convents in the mid-20th century, designed this structure.

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