Celebrating the Feast Day of St. Dominic August 18, 2016

Legendary pieces of oral tradition about conversations between St. Dominic and St. Francis, two charismatic founders of religious orders, have long been part of our Dominican story. On August 6th, the Congregation celebrated this history and acknowledged the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order, by inviting a Franciscan to preach on St. Dominic’s Feast Day. This simple but fitting gesture honors the vision shared by both men when Dominic embraced Francis and said: “You are my companion. We will work together, supporting one another to the same end, and no one will prevail against us.”

The evolution of that story is reflected in the current Mission Statement of the Sisters of St. Dominic of that we “labor to promote human dignity, to alleviate social ills, and ultimately to achieve oneness in the Spirit of God.” Part of our Vision statement declares: “We will reject violence in ourselves and in society in order that all generations will grow and cherish life.” These words call for us to unite as “companions” with others looking to be part of the generation of people who reject violence…support one another…grow and cherish life…and achieve oneness in the Spirit of God.”

Our chaplain, Ron Henery, OP, celebrated the Liturgy in St. Albert’s Chapel, with Franciscan Brother Bill Boslet, OSF, joining him as the preacher. Local Franciscans/Capuchins were invited to celebrate with us. Liturgy was followed by dinner in the dining room, making for a wonderful day in honor of St. Dominic.


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