Harvest Jazz Brunch 2017 December 4, 2017

The room was filled with reverent silence as they listened to the Steven McDonald family at this year’s 2017 Harvest Jazz Brunch to benefit Harvest Houses.

Detective Steven McDonald’s Family — wife and son — were honored as a family who has made the world a better place by their message of love, respect, and forgiveness. Conor McDonald spoke of how his father was paralyzed years ago apprehending suspects in Central Park, but he survived and Conor got the chance to grow up with his father, whom he considers a great man. Conor explained that his late father’s life was difficult, but he lived the forgiveness that he preached every day. Conor went on to say that in these divisive times, he believes we need to carry on his father’s message of forgiveness. He still hears his father telling him to not keep anger in his heart. That is a message to spread as we all strive to be signs of joy and hope.


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