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Heart to Heart Ministry provides compassionate, spiritual, and practical care for those marginalized, victimized, and suffering in the NY metropolitan area via a 24/7 helpline, counseling, workshops, retreats, basic need supplies, and emergency care.

Heart to Heart Ministry is a reflection of the Amityville Dominican Sisters' mission statement by inviting people to participate in spiritual programs …heart to heart.

Ministry is not something done “for people” as much as something done “with people.”  Go out into the darkness, put your hand into the hand of God, and trust greatly!  One day you will realize that being gentle like Jesus is actually a sign of holy courage.  It’s more important to be compassionate than successful.  The best ministry begins where Faith and Life meet in Heart Prayer.

~Sister Ave Clark, OP, MA, MS. MPS

For more information contact:

S. Ave Clark, OP

Phone: (718) 428-2471

Email: Pearlbud7@aol.com

Website: Heart to Heart Ministry | An Extra Tablespoon of Love!