Homecoming Farm

Homecoming Farm
Homecoming Farm

Homecoming Farm (Closed as of December 2023)

Homecoming Farm has been a sponsored Ministry of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville. This past July 2023, however, Homecoming Farm announced that Fall 2023 will be its last season as a Community Supported Agriculture Project (CSA). The farm continued as a CSA and as a sponsored Ministry until December 31, 2023. 

The leadership by Homecoming’s Foundress, S. Jeanne Clark, OP, along with its Executive Director Elizabeth Keihm, its Farmer Don Cimato, and its Board of Directors have enabled the farm to feed the hungry and our community with delicious organic produce for almost three decades.

While we are saddened to relinquish Homecoming Farm as a sponsored Ministry, we eagerly anticipate the completion of the Agricultural Conservation Easement with the Peconic Land Trust (PLT). 

Through our partnership with PLT, 10.3 acres of our grounds will be preserved in perpetuity. We have hope for all the ways the land and the Easement will contribute to the one community of life. 

Please visit our NEWS section for the latest information regarding our partnership with the Peconic Land Trust

Website: Homecoming Farm (homecomingearth.org)