Mission Sol Naciente
Mission Sol Naciente, El Salvador promotes the empowerment of marginalized persons through educational, spiritual, and community-building programs.

Mission Sol Naciente

In a country afflicted by violence, poverty, and natural disasters, Sister Flor Buruca, OP, a native El Salvadorian, is determined to assist communities that were relocated when the land was purchased by a large corporation. Stripped of their homes, dignity, and livelihood, S. Flor and a cadre of volunteers are resolved to help them rebuild their lives.

What began with an after-school program for the children of Sol Naciente has expanded to a second after-school program in El Once, including a new classroom, which doubles as a community center. 


  • More than 60 families now have running water.  
  • A chapel/community center was built in Sol Naciente, with hopes of building another center in El Once and neighboring areas.
  • New homes are replacing metal shacks.
  • Two additional communities, Intupica, and El Delirio, have requested assistance in establishing a chapel/community center. 

With S. Flor’s assistance, the communities are organizing and working together for the common good. Surrounded by corruption and neglect, gangs, poor nutrition, and lack of sanitation, at the center of the hearts of the people is their concern for the future of their children.

For more information on Mission Sol Naciente contact:

S. Flor Buruca at opflmaria@gmail.com

or S. Marie Danaher at mdanop56@gmail.com