On July 19th, 2018, the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville began their Chapter of Affairs. This four-day gathering, which took place at the Hilton in Huntington, NY, played a critical role in the Congregation’s future, as the Sisters prepare to elect a new Leadership Council in 2019.  The purpose of Chapter is to set the direction for the next six years, and to articulate this direction in statements that honor who the Sisters are and who they are called to be by our world, our Church, the Order and their individual gifts and talents.

During these four days, more than 300 Sisters and Associates gathered for liturgy, reflection and discussion. The entire process encouraged each person to express her / his thoughts, critiques and insights, and provide meaningful opportunities for them to do so.

The day after the conclusion of Chapter, S. Joan Fronc, OP visited several Sisters residing in Carlin Hall to get their reactions to following Chapter through nightly television updates and daily printed newsletters. Quite a few Sisters said these made them feel as though they really were at Chapter in person.