Prepare for Christmas with S. Ave Clark December 5, 2023

Our very own S. Ave Clark has written a new book “Advent~Christmas: A Pilgrimage of Light.”

Sister Ave Clark, OP and Sundance
Advent-Christmas Book

“The Advent~Christmas season is a pilgrimage of light. The lights deepen our faith journey. Each one of us during this holy season is called to celebrate the birth of Jesus reborn again and again in our lives. This book provides a holy reflection and a meditative pilgrimage that can be taken by yourself or shared with another pilgrim companion. Oh, how will you be a Christ-bearer of the holy lights of this Advent~Christmas time?”

S. Ave Clark, OP

Purchase her new book on Amazon or directly from Sister Ave Clark on her website for Heart to Heart Ministry here.

S. Ave Clark has also been featured on new Podcast/Blog: S. Ave Clark was recently interviewed by Tony Rossi on the Christopher Blog entitled “Embark on a Pilgrimage of Light This Advent and Christmas with Sister Ave Clark” You can read the blog and listen to the podcast here


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