S. Ave Clark Interviewed April 24, 2023

Sister Ave Clark was recently interviewed by Tony Rossi in a Podcast called “Christopher Closeup.” He wrote about the interview in his most recent blog, mentioning Heart to Heart Ministry and her most recent books of reflection “Peace and Compassion…Holy Threads” and “A Light on an Angel Wing.” Sister Ave Clark holds retreats and personally counsels those experiencing dark times. On the podcast, she recalls a profound memory of when she was a second-grade teacher.

On Rossi’s blog he wrote, “One of S. Ave’s students, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with cancer and wouldn’t be able to make her First Communion with the class. Elizabeth’s parents asked if she could receive her First Communion in the hospital, so Sister Ave arranged for a priest to come and hold a small service there. Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s health continued to go downhill, Sister Ave brought her a little angel doll to hold on to for comfort. Some time later, Elizabeth’s parents called Sister Ave to say the end was near and asked if she could come with them to the hospital.

Despite feeling emotionally devastated herself by this news, Sister Ave mustered up the emotional and spiritual strength to accompany them because she realized that “compassion walks the road to Calvary.” During the car ride over, Elizabeth’s mother quietly held Sister Ave’s hand. Upon entering Elizabeth’s room, they saw she was holding her angel doll. Her mother broke down in tears, Elizabeth told her, ‘Mom, don’t cry. I’m going to go to heaven, and you said it’s the best home I could ever have.’ Elizabeth’s mother hugged her, and her father told her, ‘You’re our little angel.’ Then they both left the room in tears. Elizabeth turned to Sister Ave and said, ‘Sister, I don’t need the doll anymore, ’cause I’ll have all the angels in heaven. You take it. You give it to someone else.’ Sister Ave agreed. Elizabeth passed away an hour later. Sister Ave recalled, …when they drove home, the mother said, ‘Sister, your being with us gave us peace.’ Did it take away their sorrow? No. But our presence can [bring] peace.”

To read more of the blog, click here. Scroll down on that link to listen to the full podcast.


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