Sister Marlene Halpin’s Children’s Book Released (Again) December 6, 2023

This Christmas, give children the gift of meditation with a book written by one of our very own sisters!

Loyola Press has just released a new edition of Sister Marlene Halpin’s The Ball of Red String. This children’s book by Sister Marlene (1927-2019) leads readers on an imaginative journey to a quiet place where they “meet” Jesus. It is designed to help kids understand that they can talk to God at any time and about anything.

“Now more than ever, amid endless screens and sensory overload, we must find ways to help children find quiet, tap into their imagination through gentle words and expert storytelling, and connect with Jesus, the One who helps them know they are loved, valued, and worthy…Just as the classics and stories from the Bible must be passed down from generation to generation, The Ball of Red String deserves to be told and retold again and again and again as it is a timeless tale for everyone.”

Joellyn Cicciarelli, President and Publisher of Loyola Press
Sister Marlene Halpin, OP (1927-2019)

For 17 years, S. Marlene worked in Michigan teaching mediation and contemplation to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Her success and passion led to speaking engagements across the country, and the publication of many books on related topics.

“She did prove her assumption about children being natural contemplatives through her books which flowed from her experiences with the children,” said Amityville Dominican Sister Joy Castiglione, a friend of S. Marlene. “She taught every grade level and was extremely creative and effective. Her many books have not only helped children but also adults. I guess we are all children at heart.”

To read more about S. Marlene’s amazing life, click here. To order her book, click here. The new edition boasts new artwork by Carrie Schuler.


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