Sisters Mark Milestone Anniversaries October 6, 2017

The Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville who are celebrating milestone religious anniversaries in 2017 gathered with their community for a jubilee Mass Sept. 23 in St. Albert Chapel at the congregation’s Motherhouse.

Heading the list of honorees were Sister Grace Regina Wingenfeld, who marked 90 years of religious ministry, and Sisters Mary Rosalita Judge, Marie Leonilde LaPointe, and Anne Toomey, all of whom are celebrating 75-year anniversaries.

An additional 43 sisters—marking 70-year, 60-year, and 50-year anniversaries — were also recognized during the Mass and at a luncheon that followed the service.

Dominican Father Ron Henerly celebrated the liturgy, which included the renewal of religious vows by the sisters.


Here is a list of our 2017 Jubilarians:

90 years
Grace Regina Wingenfeld

75 years
Marie Leonilde La Pointe, Anne Toomey, Mary Rosalita Judge

70 years
Marnette Bamberger, Mary Victoria Gabriel, Marilyn Pfriender, Anna Marie Vigorito, Margaret Cavanagh, Janetta Mc Alevey, Margaret Schmit, Eleanor Rose Boegel, Mary Weber, Jeanne Andre Brendel, Maureen Cronin, Jennie Palma, Patricia Lee

60 years
Barbara Nirrengarten, Francis Genevieve Ford, Helen Karpowicz, Joyce Hummel, Honora Nolty, Ann Martha Ondreicka, Clara Ines Diaz, Juanita Valentin, Martha Sutton, Mary Anne Kollmer, Margaret M. Lynch, Jane Doherty, Noreen Carroll, Margaret Rose Smyth, Loretta Marie Devoy, Roseann McHale, Mary Cecelia Spencer, Kathleen Finan, Carol Standerwick, Francis Daniel Kammer, M. Catherine O’Shea, Mary Ellen Harnett, Maria Leticia Fontanez, Teresa Fontanez-Velez, Teresita Rivera, Helen Muhlbauer

50 years
Jane Elizabeth Creighton, Kathleen Gallina, Irene Elizabeth Weiner, Joan Klimski


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