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Enrollment Cards

Support the Sisters by Sending the Gift of Prayer

When you give someone a prayer enrollment card from the Sisters of St. Dominic, you give them the gift of prayer.

For a donation of $7.00, donors enroll a loved one in this program for one year. Those enrolled share in each of the Sister's Masses for their intentions throughout the year. Donors may request up to ten cards to keep on hand. The donation is made when the card is used. Simply fill out the intention form (which is inserted into each card) and send it along with your offering to us. We will then enroll the person as you request.

Prayer enrollment cards include Sympathy, Birthday, Get Well/Healing, Thank You, Special Occasion, Thinking of You, and a few Holiday cards as well. We also offer a single enrollment insert for $5.00 to place inside personally purchased cards.

Sisters of St. Dominic prayer enrollment cards are ideal for:

  • Sharing a special event
  • Celebrating birthdays or the holidays
  • Giving comfort during illness
  • Providing support during times of difficulty
  • Expressing sympathy for the loss of a loved one

By giving the gift of prayer, you are also supporting the many ministries of the Sisters of St. Dominic.

Please call Stacy Gordon in the Office of Advancement at (631) 842-6000 ext. 269 to request enrollment prayer cards or shop our online store.