Why Give
Join the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville as a Partner in Mission

The Sisters of St. Dominic have served the people of the New York metropolitan area and beyond for more than 170 years!

Their commitment to education, poverty, literacy, immigration, and advocacy for women and children represents a life of faith and service.

Please join our more than 8,000 donors who make annual gifts.

Gifts to care for the Sisters; to support their ministries, and to care for the Motherhouse in Amityville. Each generous contribution creates promise for a brighter future.

Be a part of our mission.

Your generosity supports the retired Sisters who have dedicated their lives to the service of God’s people; supports the ministries that provide for society’s most vulnerable people and provides critical funds for the renovation and maintenance of the Motherhouse in Amityville.

Please support:

Sisters Dining

When the Sisters transition from active ministry they come home to the Motherhouse in Amityville.

Molloy in Kermit

The Sisters serve the marginalized and go where the need is greatest.

Motherhouse Front View

Gifts to build, renovate, and restore facilities that provide care for our aging Sisters.

The first purpose for which you have come together is to live in unity in the house of the Lord and to be of one mind and one heart in God. Do not consider anything your own, but hold all that you have in common. And let material necessities be provided, not to all alike, but to each according to her need.

Acts 4:3