Welcome New Associates! May 24, 2024

Welcome to our New Associates!

(From left to right) Welcome to our new Associates who attended that day: Karen Canepa, Anna Guardino, Michelle Martin, Krystine Abberton and Carole Maguire.

On Sunday, May 19th, we celebrated the bonding of new associates including Krystine Abberton, Karen Canepa, Anna Guardino, Carole Maguire, Michelle Martin as well as Isabel Tan and Diane Fornieri. Other Associates renewed their commitment including Carol Currican and Margaret Hayle who have been Dominican Associates for 40 years, as well as Anne Burke (35 years), Nora Hartley and Marie Positano (30 years); Marie Gilmore, Charlotte McWeeney and Nicole Memnon (15 years); Elizabeth Keihm, Carmela Lubrano and Frances Notter (10 years) and Rosemary Arena and Patricia Daly-Matonti (5 years).

Some of the new associates shared their thoughts about what being an Associate means to them:

“I want to deepen my connections with the Dominicans. I’m not sure where that is leading — but that’s what it means.”

– Anna Guardino

“To be an associate means to journey alongside the Dominican sisters and live their mission in my everyday life.”

Michelle Martin

“I am too old to be a young adult! It’s just a community that welcomes you and keeps you, any community like that, I want to be a part of!” 

Krystine Abberton 

Many Associates renewed their commitment to our Congregation that day.


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